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We have a new Wireless Spout with Technology Unmatched in the Industry!

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Liquor Monitor Standalone
With Liquor Monitor standalone you can monitor all your liquor pours in real time. Just press the button on the spout and Liquor Monitor automatically will enter the serial number in the database for you. Pick a liquor brand, put in size and cost and put the spout on the bottle...
Integrated to POS Systems
Liquor Monitor integrated to most major POS Systems will now let you manage your entire business from sales of drinks to actual pours of drinks in real time. No more guessing or wondering if you are losing profits due to poorly trained bartenders or bartenders that over pour...
Inventory Control
Liquor Monitor tracks all your liquor pours, liquor bottles, wine bottles, beer bottles/cans and other bar coded items. This allows you to track all pours and have real time visibility of your inventory. Using a handheld data collector programmed with Liquor Monitor software...

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